Do Violent Video Games Doom Young Players? Essay

Do Violent Video Games Doom Young Players? Essay

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Ever since the debut of the massively popular Nintendo Entertainment System of 1985, young players between the ages of 6 and 16 have gravitated towards video games. As technology has progressed, developers have greatly improved the graphics of video games. As a result, very real portrayals of human beings can be created. However, in many cases, game makers take advantage of this and incorporate realistic violence in the games. Although games such as these are rated for mature players, children have been able to obtain and play these violent types of video games. Due to this trend, many psychologists and parents are beginning to connect these games to negative behaviors in children.
The issue of whether violent video games are harmful to a child has been a debate for several years. In 2005, California pushed for a ban of selling violent video games to minors on the account of the bad reputations of some popular mature-rated games. However, because of resistance from the Entertainment Software Association, the ban never went into effect (Hinson, 2010). Nevertheless, California recently rebooted the proposed ban which will be voted on during the spring legislative session. In addition to the previous bill, mature rated video games would be required to include a red sticker that states the buyer must be eighteen or older. With this extra precaution established, parents that buy video games for their children could be aware of the violent content and be more inclined to not buy the game. Moreover, if the bill passes, it would pave the way for other states to also consider the banning sales of mature-rated games to minors (Totenberg, 2010).
Most of the violent video games currently on the market are classified in the M (mature) cate...

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