Do Video Games Hurt? Essay

Do Video Games Hurt? Essay

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Do video games hurt
Video games have become an integral part of peoples lives, including my own. With 91% of children in the United States between the ages of two and seventeen playing video games (Tobias 1)! It has become an even bigger industry than both film and music. Video games have changed considerably in the past, almost 40 years, one major change has been the exponential growth in graphical fidelity and realism. As games increased in content that some deemed unsuitable for children, this lead to the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) who 's job is to assign age and content ratings for video games and apps indicating the appropriate age.
As games became more and more violent people wondered about the possible effects that these games might have on those that play them. In recent years violent games have been called out as one leading cause of adolescent violence and violent events, most notably school shootings involving teens. This has called for continued study on the effected aggression and social alterations video games could have on the players.
Ward, Michael R’s article “Video Games and Adolescent Fighting” endeavored to find whether or not violent video games increased aggression. He also addresses if restricting the purchase these games would be the correct course of action, to limit these games getting into the hands of those unsuitable to play them. He comes to the conclusion that while violent games can cause increased aggression, it does so with such inconsistency that its effects are statistically insignificant. He also shows how the main solution people have given us to limit access to these “harmful” games is to further restrict and regulate them, is something that woul...

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...ood example that violent video games are not without their problems. Indeed they can be harmful if you let them be. The restriction on games now is easily sufficient to protect those who should not be playing them. As long as parents are being responsible and discerning, there should be no need for further restriction.
As for the blame that violent video games have received in recent years, I call to the media to think before speaking. Remember that this small portion of gamers does not represent the vast majority. So in conclusion are video games responsible for mass shooting and increased aggression? Sometimes, however it is statistically insignificant, I would say that I do believe further study is required. Specifically in terms of the benefits that can be obtained from gaming. Do video games hurt? They can, but like anything overdoing it can be harmful.

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