Do The Gender Roles? Look Back Into Anger And Its Era? Essay

Do The Gender Roles? Look Back Into Anger And Its Era? Essay

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Do The Gender Roles in look back in anger conform to its era?

Our main interest about the play “Look Back in Anger “was the way John Osborne decided to portray females in his plays, particularly Alison’s character in look back in anger. Starting off with feminism, we then realised how the question was too limited and decided to research about the gender overall and the conformities to its era. After having the question developed, a depth research was conducted, looking through books, journals, pictures etc.
We’ve found our question after some research we’ve done in the theatre collection. The three objects we chose were: - Newspaper clipping of the production in May 1956 of Look Back in Anger at the Royal Court
“Jimmy is supposed to represent the Post-War generation. In fact he is simply a rather nasty type of pretentious bore.”, this quote completely describes what Jimmy ‘s character is all about.
- Playbill had several images of women dressed nicely, mostly showing their assets, this shows us how people would think of women at the time, also contradicting with the style of Alisson and Helena in look back in anger who wear jimmy’s shirts most of the time.
- A Photo of the 1950’s Production which shows how they are dressed down, compared to what they would be wearing being a middle upper class. ‘Look back in Gender: Sexuality and the family in post- war British drama’, there is a quote that states ‘the stage directions say that Alison is ironing one of Jimmy’s shirts and is wearing another. Thus she is servicing the domestic scene and demonstrating to the audience in an immediate visual way that she is Jimmy’s property.’

These objects helped us, because they allowed us to analyse the question, and come to a conclusion...

... middle of paper ...

...onforming to their era. This play shows Allison depending on Jimmy and then moving on to depend on her father, then coming back to the same person who hurt her.
In history the topic on the differences between a woman’s role and man’s have been controversial, has women have always wanted more appreciation for their abilities. This topic reflects on how gender was portrayed and actioned at the time, and how it is now. It supports the fact that it has changed overtime, women now have almost as much value as a man.
Overall, look back an anger was a successful new play at the time as it was compliant to its era, so people comprehended what was going on as maybe it was very much similar to what could be happening to them, therefore they would relate. Look back in anger, challenges us to understand what was it that made Jimmy an angry character and Alisson a calm one.

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