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Do Students Need An Education Essay

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Do students need an education where the curriculum ensures specific skills are taught at certain ages? What if the student is lazy and is not capable of self-education? This essentially amounts to a student in an environment that consists of disorderly chaos and educational negligence that they control, right? For countless years, there has been prevalent public debate on the various alternatives to the typical education an American student receives; in particular, unschooling, a non-traditional educational philosophy that bases itself on activities chosen by the student as the principal method for learning. While it may seem impossible for students to gather knowledge without a firm educational regimen, “Unschooling” by Sherry Parmet provides an example of a thriving student who is able to learn through his natural life experiences. “Six-year-old Aaron Peterson doesn’t use textbooks or take tests. He doesn’t go to school, and at home his mother doesn’t make demands… But somehow he’s learning.” Furthermore, Parmet reveals unschooled students seem to excel in the long run compared to traditionally-schooled students. I agree with Parmet; in my opinion, this method has more advantages than disadvantages.
While the traditional method consists of regimented curriculums and stress-inducing examination systems, unschooling eliminates such educational elements and is instead beneficial to a student 's utmost learning. Supporters of unschooling suggest students learn best when not pressured and instead left on their own (but with the parents being part of the formation of various learning situations). What people must understand is that providing proper education for students should not consist of forcing students to learn specific knowled...

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...arn the limited amount of subjects taught and do not develop a desire to learn. In light of the current situation regarding the education system, there is still hope for students today. An alternative to traditional education, unschooling allows students to use their natural learning abilities, discover and explore more subjects not typically taught in schools, and ignite a genuine, authentic interest to learn. The advantages of unschooling far outweigh its disadvantages, making it the better option for education. Education leaders continue to discuss reforming the present public education system. Instead, they must deliberate about how to replace it. I urge you to take a stand. Start off by writing a letter to your local lawmakers expressing your wish to help students’ education. Share your ideas with a friend. It is not important where you begin, so long as you do.

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