Do Stricter Gun Control Laws Really make us Safer? Essay

Do Stricter Gun Control Laws Really make us Safer? Essay

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Gun control is a very touchy topic in the US. mass shootings have made this subject harder to talk about, but Americas strong belief in the 2nd amendment make it impossible to completely take away our guns. The most recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado has sparked more interest in this topic from both activist and anti-gun advocates. Our culture has always heavily relied on guns for things like hunting, target shooting, and mainly personal protection. Would taking away our guns and to make a safer really work. This is the question will attempt to answer and my short persuasive essay.
The first thing I want to bring attention to is the fact that the legalization of guns will always bring about more gun violence in that country. This information along with the fact the United States has the worlds largest arsenal of privately owned guns makes us particularly susceptible to problems involving gun violence. The statistic from how stuff works says that there is about one gun for every person in the US. And the actual number of guns is estimated to be around 310 million. That is a shockingly large amount and just goes to show the extent of our nations attachment to our firearms. Throughout the paper I will also be comparing how other nations stuck up to our violent crime rate with a firearm.
Having an argument about gun control is impossible without first explaining the United States second amendment. The second amendment summarized basically says that any law-abiding citizen of the US has the right to bear arms super set themselves from enemies both foreign and domestic and to make a militia to protect this nation if necessary. The second amendment is something that is on the side of everyone in the United States and getting this...

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