Essay about Do Sports Make You A More Successful Student?

Essay about Do Sports Make You A More Successful Student?

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Noah Nugent Nugent 1
English 3
Do sports make you a more successful student?
I believe that sports make you a more successful student.
First, in the research done by a student at Northwest Missouri State University, he found that there was a large difference in GPA among the students at a nearby high school. It was found that the student athletes of the school had an average GPA of 3.25, while the non-athletes averaged a GPA 3.01 (Stegall). Stegall says the reason behind this is that the student athletes want to achieve higher, such as having to reach a required test score or GPA, which serves as a motivation for them. Those who are very motivated don’t want to fail so they try hard to do well. To most people, success is graduating high school, but the problem is that some people don’t achieve that goal. In a study, they took the graduation percentage of athletes and nonathletes at a Kansas high school, and found that the athletes of the class of 2012 had a higher graduation percentage at 98% compared to the nonathletes at 90% (Barkhorn). Last, student athletes tend to be more stressed because they have to juggle sports and school. But, student athletes succeed because they understand, and develop a mindset, that if they get their schoolwork done early, then they won’t have to worry and stress out so much (Michaels). This is doesn’t benefit nonathletes because they don’t have the greater amount of stress, so they don’t worry so much about doing schoolwork early and getting it out of the way until the last minute.
I conducted a study to figure out if sports really do make you a more successful student. In my experiment I created a survey and randomly asking for...

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...tes have a better attendance rate than the nonathletes, despite the fact that athletes sometimes must leave school early for meets or games. In one of the studies done, it was shown that those with higher attendance had a lower dropout percentage and higher graduation percentage ("Student Athletes Academically Outperform Non Athletes by Wide Margins."). It was mentioned earlier that higher attendance resulted in higher GPA. This shows that attendance is also key to being a successful student. Finally, the plans after high school was asked. The results of the survey showed that those who knew or had a better idea of what they wanted to do after high school had higher GPAs, which leads to student success. Because of athletes had the higher performance in GPA, attendance, and graduation percentage, it can be concluded that doing sports make you a more successful student.

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