Do Sports Helmets Help Or Hurt? Essay

Do Sports Helmets Help Or Hurt? Essay

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Across numerous sports in the world, helmets are a staple of safety. Assumed to be a benefit, most athletes do not consider the risks of a helmet; both mental and physical risks. Society tells us that no matter what; a helmet will be safer than being exposed to harmful elements. There is also the idea that helmets are beneficial, but the way athletes use them causes more injuries than if a helmet had not been used at all. This culture, using your helmet as a tool, encourages more risky behavior for helmet wearers. Adventure writer and pilot, Lane Wallace argues that football culture is to blame for current helmet use, and that helmets are beneficial in her article “Do Sports Helmets Help or Hurt?” In his article “Disposable Heroes”, Neurologist David Weisman reasons that the worst helmets might be a better solution than better helmets.
Football is a relatively dangerous sport. In the game, the whole body is open to taking shots from opposing teams every play, but the most dangerous area to be hit is the head. Hits that lead to players having their heads joggled severely often cause concussions and lead to games being sat out, but often it’s the everyday hits that compile and cause trauma to the brain. Neurologist David Weisman says that even the smallest hits cause brain cells to die; it is just a matter of time before enough cells die for symptoms to appear. David Weisman (2011), a Neurologist, stated that symptoms often include dementia, suicidal thoughts or actions, concussions and, sometimes, even death.
Implementation of new rules and penalties in the game of football has already drastically changed the way the game is played and the point of view of everyone involved in the game. Penalties for leading with the head can lead...

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...sfully change the culture of athletes wearing helmets, their aggressive behavior will begin to decrease, which will lead to less head trauma and improved safety. The number of fines for illegal hits has already dropped drastically, down thirty-two percent in just four years. The helmets themselves are no problem; the way athletes currently use them to take more risks and be more accomplished athletes is. In 2012, there averaged nearly a play a game all year, where there was a penalty involving contact with the head and neck. When the protection of helmets is met with a cultural change of football safety equipment, there will be a significant reduction in head trauma and injuries. Helmets are a great safety precaution for the game of football, the problem is we need to continue to change the culture of football safety equipment, and minimize hits to the neck and head.

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