Essay about Do Smartphones Help Companies to Be More Profitable?

Essay about Do Smartphones Help Companies to Be More Profitable?

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1. In which ways do smartphones help these companies be more profitable? To what extent are improvements in performance coming from revenue increases or cost reductions? Provide several examples from the case.

The integration of a variety of information systems into business operations is necessary for growth in the dynamic business environment. These information systems can be minimized and fixed into mobile devices such as smartphones. The use of smartphones can play an important role in supporting business processes and operations, developing strategies for competitive advantage and decision making. These smartphones allow employees to be linked to the office, its data and resources, without being in the office. The use of smartphones for business processes can make the business more efficient and effective. They make it easier for co-workers to communicate among themselves and facilitates better communication between the business and its employees, customers, suppliers and even other businesses, and makes it possible in real-time. For CPS Energy and Lloyd’s Construction, although they were doing well, they realised that they could do much better. They needed to find new ways to further cut costs and maximize profitability. They both decided that the best way to do that was through the introduction of smartphones in their business operation.

CPS Energy, the largest municipally owned energy provider in the nation, was basking in its present bond ratings (which were the highest among all the energy providers), contented workforce, generally satisfied customers and profitability. However, they noticed that there was a huge difference between their business operations and other companies who had large mobile workforces like their...

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Lloyd’s Construction could have used the smartphones to create an application which gave detail information about its business operations to former, current and prospective clients. After downloading the app, the customer could then create a personal account. The created account would also make the CRM process easier, as it would make it possible to forecast the needs of that customer, and personalization of what the customer sees when they login could be conceivable based on the customers pattern of use of the app. This app would contain photos of past and present projects, information on services provided, and would provide another mode of communication between the business and customers. This app could also allow for negotiations and discussion between the business and customers interested in employing the services offered by the business, among other things.

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