Do Not Use The Shower Essay

Do Not Use The Shower Essay

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Do not use the shower. It is disgusting

Seriously, Don 't. Just Don 't. I am not one to be a "germaphobe" but a public shower is gross. In the gym is no different, you have sweat. That 's right, all the bodily fluid from each member is coming right off them onto that floor. Next is urine. Let 's face it, LOTS of men will pee in the shower, aim right down the drain, sounds hygienic. NOT. You may be standing in 100 's of people 's urine. I have also heard guys say that ejaculation raises blood pressure and offers better results, so the floor may also be full of that. people who have skin/foot disease stepping all over the place. Many other things you need to watch out for in those showers. Either way, at the end of the day the shower floor is GROSS. wear some shower shoes or flip-flops and be safe. Just keep your feet off that floor. I don 't care how clean your gym is, the shower floor will always be horrible.

Do not leave the equipment dirty

You get on the bench, lay back, grip on that barbell and start pushing. 10-15 reps in you realize how warm it is, you are beginning to feel the burn, and your heart rate is going up, but you keep pushing yourself. As the reps begin increasing and you start to get into a flow, you are hot, sweaty and that sweat is now pooling on the bench. come on guys, this is highly unsanitary! Take a moment to either put a towel between you and the equipment or at the very least, wipe your bodily fluid off when you are done. Most gyms have some form of wipe and disincentive cleaner just for this purpose. Be kind and pick up after yourself. At the very least, bring your mom, but I doubt she wants to clean that mess either. It is just plain GROSS!

Don 't have a closed mind, observe the people around you

... middle of paper ... to look on YouTube or google, tons of free routines for you to try. why go broke to get fit, at that price could have almost had enough money for a surgery or tummy tuck in my opinion anyway. Your membership costs enough!

Don 't give up!

you have a goal. you set a dream in your mind, now go out there and get it! don 't quit you got this. I see it year in and year out, tons of people hit the gym or even just don 't make it out the door. blast social media with "This year I am going to be fit posts" well now is your chance to go out there and do it. So many people back out after the going get tough, even for lame reasons. Just the other day I heard someone say "Oh I can 't go on these days. Big Brother is on TV". Get a DVR watch TV online, stream it at the gym. just come on guys. We made it to the dreaming stage, now let 's grab that bull by the head and own it.

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