Do Not Stigmatize Same-Sex Marriages as Inferior by Not Legalizing These Unions

Do Not Stigmatize Same-Sex Marriages as Inferior by Not Legalizing These Unions

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In today’s society, it is hard to define what is known as a “traditional marriage”. Considering the popularity of marriages that are arranged on the basis of polygamy, communal child rearing, and even the use of mistresses, homosexual marriage should not be considered “unnatural”. For many people, it is hard to understand how any individual can love someone of their same gender. Nonetheless despite the percentage of the population that is muddled by the act, same sex marriage should be legalized because denying them that right sends the message that it is acceptable to treat gays as inferior and unworthy. Not only that, same sex marriage encourages strong family values and financial gain to state and federal governments.
Denying same-sex couples the right to marry stigmatizes gay and lesbian families as inferior and portrays that it is acceptable to discriminate against them. For example, in August of 2013 a lesbian couple was denied a wedding cake because of the shop owners’ religious beliefs. On what grounds did these people refuse service to two individuals besides their obvious prejudice towards them? Although the report was investigated for violation of the Oregon Equality Act of 2007, the occurrence of the situation itself undoubtedly brought into the clear that there is a social unacceptable towards same sex marriage. What is even more appalling is that this was the tenth complaint filed against the bakery within the last ten years. Had this happened to a straight couple or celebrity, the story would have made headlines and the bakery would have immediately faced legal issues. The fact that there were nine other complaints prior to this one only proves to the public eye that it is okay to socially outcast gays. Despite ...

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...cases against the union of same sex couples, the few that fall in their favor are just the beginning.
In conclusion, same sex marriage should be an encouraged and supported establishment. It is a human civil right of all Americans alike to publicly celebrate a commitment and receive the benefits of marriage. Not only does same sex marriage lead to a huge financial gain to state and local governments, it also reinforces the ideals and values of a family. Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign of the Unites States and its affiliate the Human Rights Campaign foundation, confirms that one day in the near future, people will look back on today’s same-sex couples and families and ask with raised eyebrows, “Why wouldn’t two people, who have spent their lives committed to one another, be granted the same human rights that most others take for granted?”

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