Do Not Become A Social Worker Essay

Do Not Become A Social Worker Essay

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"Do not become a social worker. You will not make any money and you will be stressed out all the time." My maternal grandparents were foster care parents from the 1980 's until April of this year. In that time they hosted over 250 children from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. As a child, I spent much of my time at my grandparents house and was exposed to the multiple aspects of the foster care system. I became close with the social workers who came to my grandmother 's house and when it came time for me to make a career choice, they all discouraged me from becoming a social worker. Despite their warnings I graduated with my Bachelor 's of Social Work from Saint Louis University in 2013 and began to work on my Master 's in Social Work in August of 2014.
My decision was greatly influenced by my identity. I was born in Des Moines, IA to a white mother and a black father. I 've been told that upon meeting me for the first time, my paternal grandmother exclaimed: "That 's not my grandbaby! Look at that white baby with all that red hair!" From that moment on I have been repeatedly reminded of where I stand..Because of my light skin, I am afforded many privileges and yet I am still too black to identify as white. I say this not as a stereotype of the mixed child confused about where I come from, but as a child who always understood what her identity meant to others.
I lived in the city of Des Moines until high school. At that point, my mother moved to a very small town by the name of Pleasantville, IA. Living in small town Iowa allowed me a hands on education and the opportunity to be on the varsity cheerleading and track teams. Pleasantville also served a reminder of my Blackness. My high school had two ...

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...end to pursue my LCSW. The health/mental health concentration will lay the groundwork for me to actualize this goal by furthering my ability to assess clients and develop appropriate treatment plans.
I am a young, passionate social worker on a mission to improve my knowledge and autonomous practice skills. The journey to cultural competency is life-long, however, it is a journey I am committed to. I strive to operate from an anti-racism framework and to understand how culture and identity impact clients. In addition, as a social work I desire to understand oppression and how it impacts my clients and millions of people around the world every day. With an education from Clark Atlanta University and a supplemental education from real life experiences, I know I can form partnerships with those with limited access to resources and help them to accomplish their goals.

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