Do Not Be Fooled By Its Name Essay

Do Not Be Fooled By Its Name Essay

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Do not be fooled by its name. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, created by Rachel Bloom and Aline McKenna, is way more than an impulsive, insecure and depressed woman with a promising law career in NYC and a miserable emotional life chasing her first love - 10 years after their breakup - across the country. It is a comedy with the perfect combination of drama, romance, satire and brilliant musical numbers.
Sometimes it seems like we’ve had enough of the stereotypical representation of women in pop culture. And although Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is guilty of portraying women as crazy and emotionally unintelligent, it is never boring to watch the mess of Rebecca Bunch. Add a psycho new best friend, a closeted bisexual boss, a love triangle and a repertoire of hilarious tunes like “The Sexy Getting Ready Song,” and you have the perfect formula for a successful dramedy.
Rebecca’s love interest is one we rarely see on television: Josh Chan, a Filipino-American guy, who is attractive, popular, not good at math and has no foreign accent. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, unlike Sex and the City, Friends, and a plethora of other American shows, does an excellent job representing America’s diverse population.
When Rebecca first moved to West Covina, California, she only had one objective in mind: getting back with Josh and living happily ever after.
Although Rebecca knew that reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend would require a giant dose of craziness, machinations and desperate lies, she never imagined finding her best friend and the perfect accomplice to set her plan in motion in her new co-worker, Paula Proctor, the firm’s paralegal. To escape her own reality – a failing marriage, a boring routine and a dysfunctional family – Paula gets deeply involved in Rebecca’s pur...

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...On another note, if you think first impressions are everything, let me tell you that so are finales. Without being predictable, one must set the tone for the next season and leave fans feeling that it was worth spending 20 hours of their lives following a fictional story. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend did quite a good job closing its first season; just when we thought that Rebecca would start making sense again, the creative team came along with a giant twist, honoring the show’s name and making her crazy again. Consequently, after great improvement, Rebecca is back to the starting line--which hints that she’ll come back even more deranged in the next season.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is accessible, smart, innovative and definitely worth the binge. It is a perfect option for those with a dark sense of humor and a Netflix account.
Season 2 premiered on The CW on October 21st, 2016.

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