Do Mindfulness- Based Interventions Influence Psychological Health? Essays

Do Mindfulness- Based Interventions Influence Psychological Health? Essays

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Sauer-Zavala et al.(2013) exaamined if meditation practice in mindfullness-based interventions influenced changes in psychological health. Mindful yoga, body scan, and sitting meditation were all studied during different time periods. The participants were undergraduate students that were majoring in psychology. They volunteered for the study online to receive one credit. The participants were assigned to a random condition based on the time they chose to participate in the study. They only participated in one of the three conditions. They did not know anything about the condition that was assigned to them before they signed up. They were also given a questionaire and introduction before they started the intervention. The results showed that psychological well-being increased with all three methods of meditation. Mindful yoga had a higher association with an increase in psychological well-being than the other two methods. Therefore, yoga would help reduce my stress and help me improve my well-being as a whole. By reading this article, I feel more confident in my choice that yoga will help relieve my stress. I don’t expect to see quick results in the level of stress from starting yoga. I hope over time I will be able to live a less stressful life.
Reference 1: APA format reference
Sauer-Zavala, S. E., Walsh, E. C., Eisenlohr-Moul, T. A., & Lykins, E. B. (2013). Comparing mindfulness-based intervention strategies: Differential effects of sitting meditation, body scan, and mindful yoga. Mindfulness, 4(4), 383-388. doi:10.1007/s12671-012-0139-9
2. Reference 2: Summary
Chugh-Gupta et al.(2013) wanted to access whether yoga had an effect on state anxiety. They used search engines to find articles that included both yoga and state anxi...

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...2. 3 thoughts/behaviors that will sabotage

1. “I have too much homework to do.”

2. “I will do it later.”

3. “It’s to late to start now. I’ll start tomorrow morning.”

3. 3 Reminders
1. I will put a note on my calendar, which is on my phone. My phone will send me reminders on the days that I scheduled to do yoga.
2. I will have a note on my computer home screen since I am always on my computer.
3. I will put a sticky note on my bathroom mirror so that I see it everyday.

4. 2 Rewards
When I complete my goal I will reward myself by having a free day from schoolwork for the first week. Everyday of the week I dedicate my time to school. Therefore, a break would be very rewarding. For the second week, my reward will be to buy a new outfit. I haven’t done anything for myself lately so I believe this will be a reward that would make me want to work harder.

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