Do I Want You Become An Artist? Essay

Do I Want You Become An Artist? Essay

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“Do I want to become an artist?” I always ask myself this question. From a very young age, I knew God gave the gift of being an artist. In my school career, my artist abilities were noticed. From congratulation speeches to awards for my artwork. I was thankful for my recognition and worked even harder. Even though I had a passion for art, I also had a passion for sports. I played soccer ever since I could remember. I was also involved with action sports, more in snowboarding than others. When I got older, I had many opportunities one of them being a snowboarding instructor. As I grew up, my parents, teacher, and friends influence me to go to college, but more specifically art college. That is, what I am doing, going to art college. But now that I am in art school. I still ask myself “Do I want to become an artist?” Yes! I do want to become an artist. That is, an easy question but there is more to the question. What kind of artist?
Now, that I have been a student and attending Cleveland Institute of Art. I have gone through trials and tribulations. I honestly did not know what college was like before I came, more specifically Art school. Before starting my school year, I was able to get advice from some of the upper classmen. One advice for example, “find a motivation to do your work and do well on it. If you find a motivation to do your work. You will get a great benefit, short, and long term. Even if it’s as simple as buying sweets after getting it done.” I took this advice and thought about it really hard. My long term motivation is work hard and you’ll be successful after graduating. That’s an easy one. But I needed to find a short term motivation. I found out by finishing an assignment, I gained more than long term motivati...

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...o meet interesting people that have had different backgrounds, beliefs, and personalities. Everyone values everyone because they matter as much as the person next me. Also it’s a discussion of getting great advice and a place to look a creative art.
For these past couple of months I have reviewing my thought and changes in life. I have change in many ways since I have been at college. I have had so far good experiences and lessons. Lessons that will carry on for the rest of my life. I have a wonderful future set for myself that I’m willing not to give up. Weather it’s excepting my talents and skills to valuing others opinions. Many of my experiences have develop me as an artist. In some way, I consider myself as different kind of artists in my passions , such as when I am writing a paper or climbing the side of a mountain. I am an artist but in many different ways.

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