Do Girls Join The Pageants? Essay

Do Girls Join The Pageants? Essay

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In “Toddlers In Tiaras” Skip Hollandsworth purpose is to get readers to understand that pageants are teaching young girls to young women that the sexualization of their looks are their main value, leaving a negative effect on contestants physically. He believes parents are usually the main reason why young girls join the pageants to begin with so, he targets parents as the audience of his essay. To get readers to understand his point of view and to persuade them to agree with him he displays evidences from reliable sources using ethos, pathos and logos throughout the article.
Hollandsworth enhances his credibility by using the views of professionals, old pageant contestants, and pageant owners. Karen Steinhauser , Denver’s chief deputy district attorney bluntly told reporters “it’s impossible to look at these photos and not see a terribly exploited girls” (Hollandsworth). The statement gives the reader a perspective from an official if she does not believe the photos of the girls are good sight then most likely they are not because it is her job to look over things of this sort and how to prevent it. The author and journalist Peggy Orenstein “believes that pageant girls are being taught to see themselves as objects of others’ pleasure”(Hollandsworth). A person with experience of writing has to do research very often so using peggy as an reference gives the audience understanding that Hollandsworth is not the only writer looking at the converse of sexualtion and that his information is a reliable source. Hollandsworth character as a man is someone who cares about young women 's safety and well being; also they are not shown and seen as sexual people. His tone is very informative. The use of other professional views allows his a...

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...ey are not truly looking at the wrong doing of providing products for girls at young ages. They are yet encouraging the sexualization of them and parents are blind sided to even notice because they want their little one to look the best and be the best no matter what. “ It 's easy to slam pageants, but maybe that 's because no one wants to deal with the bigger picture, which is the day-to-day sexulization of our daughters” (hollandswoth). If viewers and parents took time out to analyze the problem that is at hand then the pageants could have a twist and become natural and more child appropriate.
Overall, Hollandsworth organizes this article by using pathos, ethos, and logos to get his point across on how pageants are teaching young girls to young women that the sexualization of their looks are their main value, leaving a negative effect on contestants physically.

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