Do Gender Stereotypes Of The Media Have A Negative Impact On Society? Essay

Do Gender Stereotypes Of The Media Have A Negative Impact On Society? Essay

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“Do gender stereotypes in the media have a negative impact in society?”

On a daily basis we are subjected to a society that continuously uses stratification to divide members of the population into subgroups, such as; location, sexuality, disability, age, class, ethnicity, race and gender, and in which disadvantages, exclusions and privileges associated with such categories are unevenly distributed. Due to this, we are forced to question if gender stereotypes in the media have a negative impact in society?

Gender stereotype in the media promotes more conservative, heteronormative views on what gender is. The stereotypes also promote a very binary view on gender; you’re either a stereotypical man or a stereotypical woman, nothing in between. Luckily, the media is also changing; nowadays, with more celebrities identifying as non-binary, not confirming gender, transgender, and also having non-hetero sexual preferences, we’re just beginning to see the diversity of human beings when it comes to gender and sexuality.

To fully understand the gravity of the impact however, it is first important to full grasp the power and influence of the media generally. “Never believe what you read in the paper” may be an old cliché, but the bottom line is that for the overwhelming majority of people, what they hear on the radio/online, watch on TV/online, and read online/in magazines/in newspapers – is soaked in by their minds as “truth”.

When Obama was named President in the USA, an embarrassingly large percent of people in the States couldn’t understand why everyone was saying he was the first black President, they thought there had already been one before. Why did they think that? Because President Palmer in the TV programme 24, was black! Ser...

... middle of paper ...

...o get the same results. Why is it that a women seemingly needs to dress provocatively to make is in Pop, but men don’t? The system is broken and it’s being perpetuated for personal gain.

Men continue to grab women’s bottoms in clubs because they are idiots that think women are objects, women continue to get paid less in top tier jobs, and you only need you only need to look online and in the queues of a nightclub to see that women are trying harder and harder to fit the stereotypes that are being perpetuated – when if anything, they shouldn’t need to try at all.

It’s really difficult to write a definitive response to the question at hand, I fear that I have already said things that will rile people up against me, however it’s a topic that needs open discussion and requires people to cut though the bullshit, otherwise things not only won’t change, they’ll get worse.

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