Do First Impressions Really Matter? Essay

Do First Impressions Really Matter? Essay

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You walk into a classroom full of people that you have never met before, all eyes on you. Many thoughts flowing throughout your head, the thoughts of what these people think of you or even you're self-conscious overwhelming you because you're worried your hair is not straight or the clothes you're wearing are not as expensive as the clothes others are wearing that are around you. You hear whispers in the distance of gossip, you automatically suggest the comments are about you. But in reality, the gossiping teens are really talking about the overweight girl sitting in the back of the classroom, with no one in front, beside, or near her. The overweight girl hears their light whispers, the class is suddenly quit. Then another comment is then made out loud for all to hear, “That fat ass is not going to do anything, shes so fat she has to be in a wheelchair because she can’t walk.” But little did any of the classmates know, her father gets frequently drunk and beats her mother as well as her, and one day he pushed her down the stairs of her apartment and snaps both legs on impact. But yet, people are making fun of her not being able to walk because she is “fat,” or a “whale.” The overweight girls hands cover her face and run out the class, leaving a trail of tears behind. Not thinking anything else about the sad situation, you finish out your first day of school and is now sitting at your house watching the news. Out of no where, a picture of the same over weight girl from your class shows up on the tv. It displays that the girl has committed suicide by stealing her drunken fathers liquor and swallowing four full bottles of various medications, And instead of writing a letter of her last words, she videoed the entire suicide to show w...

... middle of paper ... to be the same sex because students will be less likely to pursue the relationship with someone of the opposite sex in which they had just met, and they might already be in a romantic relationship, So he did not want any interruptions with the study. Students were asked to introduce themselves to their partners and talk to them for three, six, or ten minutes. When they completed their conversation, they were asked to complete various of questions and predict where their future relationship might lead to. They were to pick one of the following: nodding acquaintance, casual acquaintance, acquaintance, close acquaintance, friend, or close friend. At the end of the nine weeks, people who was positive about their partner had the best relationship. If they were positive about one anothers first impression, then the prediction of the relationship was most likely right.

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