Do Dominican Baseball Academies Truly Help Potential Athletes? Essay

Do Dominican Baseball Academies Truly Help Potential Athletes? Essay

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Do Dominican Baseball Academies Truly Help Potential Athletes?
Baseball academies in the Dominican Republic provide a tremendous amount of cheap talent for Major League Baseball’s organizations. Since the establishment of these academies around the 1980s, the percentage of Dominicans playing at the major league level has gradually increased. As of the 2014 season, over a third of all foreign players in the MLB were Dominican Republican born. They also accounted for ten percent of all players at the Major League level. Within the past couple years every Major League Baseball team has now established their own academy in the Dominican Republic helping contribute to this spike in Dominican Republicans in baseball. To the American public, it is a spectacle that is a treat to watch. Dominican born baseball players have natural talent above what the majority of American players will ever achieve after years of hard work. The issue is that people are oblivious to the backstory of these academies, they only appreciate the results. The bulk of baseball academies in the Dominican Republic are run under dreadful conditions and could in particular cases be classified as inhumane. In actuality, these academies tend to hinder their players rather than benefiting them, contrary to popular belief. The living conditions in the academies, multiple ways in which players are taken advantage of, and a lack of education are among the major factors impeding their potential for success.

Dominican Baseball academies offer exceptionally harsh living conditions for their players. Given, the Dominican Republic is already an impoverished country itself, but Major League owned academies are as run down as the country itself. A room that “at best, could c...

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...rally think. The 2% success rate mentioned earlier doesn’t factor in the countless numbers of players who never signed with a club which is an even greater amount than the number who fail after signing. It is obvious that the way these academies operate needs to be reformed. Dominican baseball academies are only preparing their players for a life of baseball, which is statistically shown to be highly improbable. The players need to be prepared to be able to live a life after baseball that starts by receiving an actual education. As of right now, these academies are hurting their players instead of helping them. However, if an action can be taken to improve the living conditions of these academies, to cut out the use of performance-enhancing drugs, and to instill a better education program, these academies would begin to generate a greater amount of positive outcomes.

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