Essay about Do Cell Phones Improve Our Society?

Essay about Do Cell Phones Improve Our Society?

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Cell Phones
Technology has advanced rapidly throughout the past ten years. Nowadays everyone uses a form of technology they can’t live without. For many people a form of technology they can’t live without is their cell phone. I use my cell phone for everything. I use it to keep track of time and to remind me when I have a doctor’s appointment coming up. More importantly, I use it to keep in touch with my friends and family. Cell phones have changed my generation. Now I can talk to anyone from around the globe. But when I think about it, do we rely on our cell phones too much? Then I find myself wondering, do cell phones improve or limit our society?
I began my search for answers with an article titled “5 Reasons Why Cell Phones Are Bad For Your Health” by Lizette Borreli. In this article, Borreli explains that while cell phones can be efficient and make life easier at certain times, excessive use can be unhealthy. She points out that cell phones are considered to be low-powered radiofrequency transmitters. This means that the cell phones we love so dearly can be harmful. Borreli states that the University of Phoenix had found out that these radiofrequency waves could be cancerous if overly exposed. She then goes on to explain that cell phones negatively affect emotions. She talks about two studies in her article that were conducted and found out that when two individuals are talking to each other that people with cell phones are not only less positive in the conversation they are less responsive as well. She then talks about how cell phones actually increase stress levels and disturbs individuals sleep. Not only does it cause more stress, according to Borreli, cell phones are actually one of the number one causes of illness. Ce...

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...professional. Borreli’s article contained better information with facts and well written examples. Cell phones definitely are both positive and negative aspects about them.
Since all three articles brought up strong cases on why cell phones can both improve and limit society. Cell phones can be very dangerous if they are not used properly and within moderation. I do believe to some extent that cell phones limit how we talk to people, but then again cell phones open up a way of communication that has limitless possibilities. Cell phones are incredibly convenient. Which is both good and bad. If someone is ever in trouble or is in the need to reach someone cell phones make it a lot easier, but sometimes I think we rely on them too much. Before I make a decision I would have to do more research. As of right now I find that cell phones both improve and limit society.

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