Do Beauty Pageants Really Help Girls? Essay

Do Beauty Pageants Really Help Girls? Essay

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Do beauty pageants really help girls find their inner beauty or do they just change into faulty beauty queens? Looking deeply into what these competitions really create out of a person, anyone can quickly find that the contestants aren’t all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Pageantry changes some girls for the better, but can also change them for the worse. Young girls should not participate in beauty pageants because they apply too much pressure by judging females based mostly on their physical appearance and can cost up to thousands of dollars.
A growing hobby for ladies is pageantry, which consists of a contest that judges young girls on the ideal traits such as appearances and personalities. Beauty pageants can range from the age of newborn and rise into the upper twenties. Starting at a young age, most females aren’t actually excited about competing. In many cases, the small children just want the plastic crown and the parents want the money. This explains why most of the parents go to the lengths of placing their young children in tanning beds or forcing them to wear fake teeth called flippers. The majority of girls that participate in the hit TV show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ wear flippers because they’re too young to have full grown teeth, and no judge likes a beauty queen with five teeth. As the children start to get older, they have a better understanding for the hobby.
The two main types of pageants are called glitz pageants and natural beauty pageants. In glitz, the dresses are formal and the competition as a whole normally costs more money. This is because the candidates are allowed to wear fake appliances and the contest itself is very large. In the natural beauty contest, there are lim...

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...riginally had before their participation in these contests. Because of a female’s admiration in the pageantry world, most of them are in denial about their behavior. These negatives affect a girl’s life forever, and no beauty competition is worth a life filled with loneliness and a bad attitude.
Everyone deserves their own pastime, but there are multiple hobbies that do not require thousands of dollars of even half of the stress that pageantry gives females. These types of contests have some magnificent opportunities but can break a young girl down to nothing with the harsh judgment. Pageantry picks one ideal girl out of a group of beautiful and unique females that all deserve to be a winner. It only makes sense that the girls who didn’t win wonder why and compare themselves to the first, second, and third runners up. Is it because they weren’t being fake enough?

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