Essay on Do Animals Go To Heaven?

Essay on Do Animals Go To Heaven?

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For millennia, the human race has attempted to figure out the meaning of life and what is waiting for us after, by way of religion, science, or conjecture. In the case of religion, the boiled down version of Christian belief is that when you die your soul goes to heaven. Therefore, for someone or something to go to heaven it must possess a soul. To say someone has a soul is to say that they have a deeply felt emotional nature, cause of individual life, or moral force. When we are little and a beloved pet dies, most parents will say something along the lines of, “(s)he is in a better place” or “(s)he is in animal heaven.” Being children, with powerful imaginations and the ability to question everything, the gears in our minds would start to spin with questions. As adults, those questions still nag at us due to the strong relationship we have with our pets. Philosophers, Scientists, Authors, and many other people have strived to find the truth on an animal’s immortality and their possession of a soul, and their views, while confusing at times, are important to the future of understanding of animals. Friederike Range, a German scientist with a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, was featured in Virginia Morell's book Animal Wise. Morell wrote of Range's belief in our yearning to understand the connection between humans, dogs, and wolves. She stated, "We want to understand this triad. People say many things about wolves, dogs, and humans-how they're alike or how they're different. But the truth is we're only at the beginning of understanding the minds of wolves and dogs" (251).
To better understand the idea of the connection between animal morality and their possession of a soul, we must learn more about not just the animals of...

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