Essay about Do Acohol, Smoking and Illegal Drugs Affect

Essay about Do Acohol, Smoking and Illegal Drugs Affect

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Do alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs affect the pregnancy? Yes I believe that smoking illegal drugs and drinking alcohol really effects your baby in a very dangerous way .I understand that whatever the mother is consuming so is the child. Alcohol already attacks the drinker’s body and has very serious consequences, so just imagine what it does to the baby. Research has shown that baby that is carried by a drinking or smoking mother has way more health issues then infants who were not carried by an alcoholic or smoker.
Many people know that woman advised to give up smoking when they are pregnant or cut down on drinking because they don’t want the baby to come out looking mentally retarded. It would be better to cut out alcohol at the beginning of your pregnancy cause the faster you stop the better your baby wont come out mentally retarded. If you havent stopped smoking by the time you are six months pregnant there is no point and giving up. Pregnancy can be divided into threestages which the baby is growing in different ways.
The first stage of pregnancy is that during the most stages you may not even have begun to suspect that you is pregnant untl you have missed your first period. If the baby were to grow after birth at the same time as the embryo does in the uterus by the time they were 21 they would almost stand tall as the statue of liberty. In the body of the a woman the cells are growing during the first 17 days they are et splitting up into different kinds of cells that will make various parts of the babys body but the brain, liver, heart, limbs, lungs , intestines. Its harmful to the body of the growing clumps of the cells during this time that the embryo will be affect at all and it will be completely killed,and th...

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...rugs the doctor is giving you because you wouldn’t know what could happen to your baby until you go to the doctor and the doctor tell you, you shouldn’t have been taking the medicine. When woman using drugs during their pregnancy they might end up with and abortion because the baby couldn’t take the drug that they are using. Drugs are work by the affect of the brain and it the baby’s brain. When the baby brain is developing it will develop slowly because all of the illegal drugs that is being entered into the baby’s body.
During pregnancy you should avoid chemicals and drugs because it can have different affects on the baby depending on the time in your pregnancy. Drugs that are given at birth will mostly affect them when they get older because they where addicted to the drugs and it had affected the baby to where the baby had came out deformed, mentally challenged.

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