Dna Analysis : The Dna App Store Essays

Dna Analysis : The Dna App Store Essays

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Have you ever wondered what the basis of human diversity is? Our human diversity is because of our DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that contains our unique genetic code. It carries the genetic instructions used in the growth development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses. The DNA App Store is an online store that analyzes your genes and provides your health risk and predispositions. The DNA App store has great potential in the world and for technologies of small business. People now have access to finding possible genetic traits and information about their genetic make-up.
Justin Kao is the co-founder of Helix, which received $100 million to create the first app store for genetic information. Helix’s idea is to collect a spit sample from anyone who purchase a DNA app; from that sample they sequence and analyze the customers’ genes, and then digitizes the findings that are accessed by software developers. Helix calls the idea “sequence once, query often” (Regalado, 2016). Helix plans on decoding all 20,000 genes that are essential to a person’s genome. The app will provide animations and screenings and there will be a pay as you go option to make the test affordable for everyone.

The Punnett Square inheritance calculator reviews recessive inheritance and screens different carrier frequencies. The CEO of the world’s leading DNA sequencing company says "he knows how to finally get consumers interested in their genomes: by creating an enormous app store for genetic information" (Regalado, Genetic Literacy Project, 2015).The DNA app store allows people to figure out their genetic make-up and it helps an individual to learn about possible health risk and predispositions. Knowing...

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...d illness. Maybe one-day scientist can go in and correct that gene. It also offers an affordable way to test for certain genes.
Predisposition testing will help with cancer. Genealogy testing will reveal who you are related to and your ethnic origin. Genealogy test also will let you know how much Neanderthal DNA you have. The carrier screening will let you know if you are a carrier of certain diseases, such as diabetes or lupus. The co-founder lets us know that this app will be very affordable and secure. People will now be able to find possible genetic traits and information about their genetic make-up at their fingertips. Your genome determines a great deal about you, including your likelihood of getting certain diseases. (Regalado A. , n.d.) The DNA App Store is a very useful emerging technology to have implement, and it will make changes in today’s society.

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