Divorce Rates And Culture : It 's Funny And Coincidental Essay

Divorce Rates And Culture : It 's Funny And Coincidental Essay

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Divorce Rates and Culture

It’s funny and coincidental for me that this project’s due date was changed to February 2nd. February 2nd is my aunt’s anniversary with her husband and it would be their 9th year together. Sadly, it is funny and coincidental for me that the due date was changed to February 2nd, because my aunt and her husband for 9 years are getting a divorce. Why? She told me that they fell out of love. I talk about my aunt and her divorce because I decided to do exercise 3 in Essay 18 out of Second Thoughts for my project. My project is on divorce rates in America in the following groups of people: African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians. Each of these groups has different divorce rates in America. Based on the research I have found, the divorce rates have African Americans at the top (20%), followed by Caucasians (10.5%), Hispanics (7%) and Asian Americans (4%) (NHMRC). My focus on this paper is to find out the differences in each groups culture and figure out how they tie into the divorce rates. I will prove the difference in the divorce rates of each racial group tie with the reasons people marry, the values each group found in marriage, and the economic factors of parents in each groups household and the household income for each group.
For this project, I simply researched the divorce rates by race in the United States. Once I figured out what the divorce rates were by race, I researched reasons why each group divorce rate was so high or so low. Once I completed the research, I figured out the reason why each groups divorce rate was what it was. To figure out the information on why the divorce rates were what they were, I used Second Thoughts and various websites.

Based on my research, I ...

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... to disruption” (Ruane, 199), since they both have the lowest divorce rate of the four racial groups in America. The difference between the percentage of Asian American two-parent households (82%) and African Americans two-parent households (40%) also play a factor in the way divorce rates or lined up. In conclusion, African Americans have the highest divorce rate because they build their marriage around love and have the lowest household income; Caucasians have the next highest rate because they build their marriage around love, but have the second highest median household income; Hispanics have the second lowest divorce rate, because they build their marriages around family, but they have the second lowest median household income; and Asian Americans have the lowest divorce rate, because they build their marriage around family and have the highest household income.

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