The Divorce Rate Of The United States Essay

The Divorce Rate Of The United States Essay

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At a time when divorce rates are at an all-time high, and a marriage having no full guarantee that it will succeed or last; I often ask myself why many people invest so much in extravagant and fairy-tale weddings? Currently, the divorce rate in the United States is alarmingly high, with 50 percent of married couples filing for divorce. Despite the high divorce rates, many couples are spending on a single day’s event, the equivalent of the gross yearly income of an average American. I mean, why not opt for the option of having a simple, standard church wedding; a couple can always have that. After all someone with a common sense of finance, would know that it is not wise to invest so heavily in something you are not entirely sure will be a success, while having knowledge of the high divorce rates these days. Why not invest in an elaborate wedding reception a few years down the road, when the marriage is more stable and seems sustainable? Some couples, who don’t have the finances or are skeptical about the sustainability of their marriage, actually have elaborate wedding receptions a few years after marriage, when they acquire the means to have one and when their marriage is more stable.
However, for many people a wedding which marks the union of a couple, namely husband and wife is considered to be an important and formal event. In a wedding, the couple is legally bonded to each other, in which they make promises or vows to each other, which they are to keep and uphold till death. It is these promises which gives some couples a sense of guarantee that their marriage will be successful, and is the reason why some couples are not hesitant to put forth every penny they have, in order to host an extravagant wedding reception. Indian ...

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...y their commitment for each other publicly. Most couples feel that if they find shortcuts around their wedding expenses or try to curb down the costs, it could cheapen the love the couple have for one another. If one searches for the most expensive weddings on record, Indian weddings would be at the top; again reinforcing my reasoning that Hindu couples spend a lot on weddings because they know that getting married, is a deal in which one is ‘locked in’ and committed to the other person for life due to religion. Therefore, in these cases the high divorce rates really do not make a difference. It is due to these circumstances people spend heavily on weddings, despite the high divorce rates. However, there is always an option of having a simple, church wedding at first and later having an elaborate wedding, when there is sense of hope that the marriage is sustainable.

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