The Divorce Rate Of Divorce Essay

The Divorce Rate Of Divorce Essay

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Divorce, it is something everyone hates to talk about but happens at an alarming rate in today’s society. The official definition of divorce is, the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court. In the past, divorce was quite a rare occurrence but the rate of divorce in America is much larger than any other countries. There are many different reasons for the divorce rate to be rising; this is due to an increase in individualism, a transition in women’s roles, and the different expectations that have change in relation to marriage over the past decades, among others. Although, there is often more than one factor that contributes to a couple deciding to divorce.
The American divorce rate is twice as high as Canada and ten times as high as the Italian rate. We, as Americans, have the fastest growing divorce rate in the world. It has been concluded that forty-five percent of American marriages end in divorce. Twenty percent of marriages end within five years. Over the past century, the divorce rate has tripled. There are many reasons and explanations for the divorce rate to be so high in America.
The most obvious reason for high divorce rates is the rise of individualism in America. Our country has shifted from a family first, traditional society to a productive society; this has caused individuals to put themselves first. In putting themselves first, the focus is on their happiness, their own careers and goals. This creates separation and distance between the idea of families and relationships. Many feel that if you aren’t making them happy or a better person, the relationship is unproductive and not useful to help them achieve their goals; this results in terminating relationships and divorce. Due to the changing society...

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...rcing is the safer option, but still causes irreversible damage to the child and their future. The bitter feuding between the child’s parents can cause the child to feel that they have to pick a side, and this can cause a permanent damage between a child and one of their parents. The constant bickering, can cause a child to feel as if it is their fault that their parents are divorcing. As much as you tell a child that this is not their fault, studies show that the child will carry that with them forever and it causes a permanent burden on the child as they grow up and form their own relationships. Divorce changes the foundation and course of a child’s life, this can lead to them having emotional and behavioral problems. The one thing that sociologists try to remind parents who are divorcing, is that there is more than their own well-being to be concerned with.

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