The Divorce Rate Has Gone Up Essay

The Divorce Rate Has Gone Up Essay

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As girls grow up we imagine our life to fit that mold that every little girl wants, which is the prefect family and life with a husband and children. Taking her children to soccer games and having the perfect house with the white picket fence to go along with it. We imagine our big fairy tale weddings and how our husbands are going to be our prince charming and grow old with. Now this may happen for some but in recent years the divorce rate has gone up. According to, Forty percent of marriages with children end in divorce. Sixty percent of marriages without children end in divorce. Women are looked as a bad parent because they don’t have a male figure in their children lives. This is gender issue that women face in the world. Society says that women need a man to support them and their children. Women choice to file for divorce shouldn’t be view as a disgrace because women are able to support themselves and their children on their own.
When people see divorced mothers or women in general, they automatically see a broken woman. This is a hasty generalization made by society. Yes, these women go through a very emotional time separating their spouse but who is to say they can’t support not only themselves but also their children. A study done in Israel with custodial mothers stated, “The women reported positive change following their divorce in all six aspects of their self-concept. They perceived themselves as having become more independent, more in control of their lives, and more responsible for themselves; they reported feeling higher self-esteem, more competent, and more inclined to perceive obstacles as challenges.” (Nehami Baum, Giora Rahav, Dan Sharon, 2008)Yes, the divorce was a loss but this study s...

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... children’s lives. Whether it is a divorced mother or father, no one should tell these individual what their genders restrict them to. Divorced women are breaking the barrier of what gender roles are everyday.

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