Divorce Prevention: Traditional Marriage and Covenant Marriage License Essay

Divorce Prevention: Traditional Marriage and Covenant Marriage License Essay

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Divorces between married couples has adapted to the American lifestyle. Americans debate every year on the best way to lower divorce rates, but instead of reaching a level ground more disputes occur. Divorce rates have reached an extreme high in America through the current times. Divorce harms the family’s mental being, not just the couple, but also the children that are being separated. While, successful marriages have extremely excellent benefits for the couples and also the children. Law reforms in the marriage system are essential to lower the extremely high divorce rates in America. The current Louisiana state covenant marriage statue offers couples applying for a marriage license to choose between a traditional marriage license or a Covenant marriage license. When couples receive a covenant marriage license they understand that Covenant marriage laws, like the one first passed in Louisiana, have multiple benefits to help improve the divorce rates in the United States. Choosing a covenant marriage license would require couples to have premarital counseling before receiving a license. “A covenant marriage is defined by the bill as one entered into by one male and one female who understand and agree that the marriage between them is a lifelong relationship.” (Army Lawyer). This law benefits the overall divorce rates in the way that it gives a couple an alternative that decreases the amount of divorces. “A Covenant marriage restricts the grounds for divorce, should the marriage run into trouble later, to fault grounds of adultery, abuse, abandonment, and imprisonment for a felony.” (Army Lawyer). The covenant marriage law makes dissolving a marriage much harder than...

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...s to be able to handle differences in marriage when they occur. Premarital questioning shows couples the differences they share with their significant other so that they can understand their interests. Law reforms can help America lower divorce rates with the help of every state.

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