Essay about The Divorce Of A Christian Marriage

Essay about The Divorce Of A Christian Marriage

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Did you know that there is one divorce every 36 seconds? That’s almost 876,000 divorces a year, 16,800 a week, and 2,400 a day. Individuals dependably think, “Oh, that won’t happen to us, solely others get separated.” It’s like we think our marriage is resistant to battling, heartache, and who is parenting children correctly, if kids are in the picture. After all, why would we walk down the aisle if we knew our marriage would end in a barbaric divorce? Marriage and divorce are not 50/50. What marriage is, is 100/ 100. It’s giving it everything you’ve got, not dividing everything in half. A Christian marriage is different from a regular one because it is under God, the couples act differently, and they are serious about the promise they made. That is why serious Christian marriages are less likely to end in divorce.
In a marriage, it is meant to be under God. If it is any other way, why do we expect it to work out? This loyal partnership between a man and woman was created by God. If the primary goal for marriage is happiness, a divorce will occur as soon as the happiness diminishes. If the primary goal is receiving love, you will dump your partner right as they begin to appear less diligent towards you. But if your marriage is glorifying to God, to model his love and commitment, and to share His Good News, divorce is unnecessary. Getting married should be a union under God, if it is not that way, the way it is supposed to be, it is much more challenging and strenuous to stay together. If you are lucky enough to find the partner God has laid out for you, you better stick with that person because God picked that person for you for a reason. You could never find someone better than who God has planned for you...

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...of relationship troubles. The bible talks about how a husband and wife are to act and behave. Instead of focusing on your own interests, you have to put theirs above yours. The bible gives instructions on how to act, handle, and pursue your marriage. We often skip straight to the marriage without applying the practical guidelines. You have to show your spouse that you love them; love is not just a word, it is an action.
Now that you know all that about a Christian marriage, also know this, it does not mean Christians do not get a divorce. Compared to a secular marriage, biblical and statistically, you are less likely to get divorces being a Godly couple. It really does make a huge difference when a marriage is under God, the couples act more Christ-like, and they are serious about the promises they made on the day they wed, in front of all their family and friends.

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