Divorce, Marriage, And Wedlock Are All Words That Describe The Union Between Two People

Divorce, Marriage, And Wedlock Are All Words That Describe The Union Between Two People

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Marriage, matrimony, and wedlock are all words that describe the union between two people who share a common love for each other. However, marriage is a strenuous endeavor. In certain circumstances, the married couple may perceive that their marriage is not functional. Many struggling married couples choose to suspend their marriage with a divorce. When a couple chooses to adjourn their marriage, they are usually not the only ones affected. If the divorcing couple has children together, the children are most often the main ones affected. Children of divorced parents face countless challenges including commitment issues, bad relationships, and growing up too rapidly.
The definition of commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. Marriage is a choice between two people in love; moreover, marriage is a commitment. It is each spouse being dedicated to the other and dedicated to happiness together. Many times divorcing couples share children with each other. These children have witnessed first-hand the two most trustworthy people in their lives, their parents, shatter one of the biggest commitments that anyone can make. The pain of witnessing such a life changing situation leaves immense scars on children. These scars are not physical, but they are emotional scare that often last a lifetime. Children look up to their parents, and they strive to do things as their parents have done. The children see this broken commitment as a failed attempt of their parents. No child wants to experience the pain of failing. After seeing their parents fail, children begin to stray from attempting their own dreams on account of the fear of failing. Children believe that if their parents fail, what will stop them from ...

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...ey should. They then do not have anything to look forward to as they enter adulthood. This can sometimes make a child fearful of adulthood. Divorce causes children to grow up too quickly; this in turn harbors consequences that are not temporary but permanent as they stay with the children for a lifetime.
Divorce is a nasty reality that many people have to accept into their lives on account of it being so common in our society today. Divorce is hard on the couple enduring it, but it is especially difficult for the children involved. Children with divorced parents are left with tremendous emotional scars. Many of these children become adults long before they should. They fear commitment, and they have painful, unstable relationships with their parents even as they do enter adulthood. As a whole, we should realize the negative effects that divorce has on children.

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