Divorce Is The Legal Ending Of Marriage Essay

Divorce Is The Legal Ending Of Marriage Essay

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In today’s society, marriage is common when it comes to a couple that appears to be in love. Marriage is a form of union recognized by law. There is no law that forbids a certain age for dating, but most state laws declare that in order for a couple to get married one must be a minimum of 18 years old without parental consent. Little does society know the responsibilities that come with marriage and the hardships and struggles they may encounter. In detail, a couple marries, something goes wrong so they decide to divorce. Just as it is common for marriage, it is common for people to divorce.  Divorce is the legal ending of a valid marriage contract. However, divorce can be caused due to several circumstances and can have a tremendous effect on many issues such as amongst themselves, children if any, and family relationships.
Most states refer to the ending of marriage as a dissolution, but it is more conformable to hear the term divorce. Divorce and dissolution are court actions that terminate the marriage and divide the property and remaining responsibilities between the party. (Adamson, 2000). Divorce rates have immense tremendously during the 20th century. The United States is known for having the highest divorces rates in the world. (Yarrow, 1987) Divorce can be caused by several reasons. People go into a marriage hoping for the best and when they realize they just had enough, they feel as if all that’s left is to get a divorce. There is a various amount of ways a marriage can be ended. They could have either had enough of the constant arguing, jealousy,
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disrespect, family issues, and lack of resolution skills. Due to the legalization of getting married being at the age of 18, most couples that do get married so young...

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...id the whole situation by not getting married. However, if you don’t take the chance, you will never know and not all marriages lead to divorce, it all depends on the relationship between each other and the resolution skills.
Divorce should not be interpreted as a bad thing. Although divorce is known as an ending, it should not be visualized as just that. It is a new beginning and you should learn to grow from it and not fear marriage. In order for one to grow, one must experience. But what should be known are the causes and effects of a divorce before jumping into marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing and no one should be scared to try it again. Divorce is not easy as it looks and it can have a tremendous effect on the couple themselves, family, and their children. Furthermore, divorce is a part of life and unfortunately sometimes you might have to experience it.

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