Essay about Divorce Is The Best Solution

Essay about Divorce Is The Best Solution

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Divorce is the legal or religious dissolution of marriage by agreement between the members of a couple or for violation of any of the rights or obligations of marriage. Historically, the decision to divorce was frowned upon by society because for many, marriage was a union that should last a lifetime. In recent decades, however, this concept has changed and today divorce is a normal choice for those relationships that do not work.
Although marriage may seem simple, is not easy for a couple to decide to end their marriage. Often, before deciding to divorce, they take a long time to try to resolve the problems that exist. But sometimes they cannot solve these problems and decide that divorce is the best solution.
Usually the causes of divorce are more numerous than its consequences. Divorce is the second most painful cause after death.
Particularly the most common cause of divorce is infidelity and mutual disrespect. When one or both partners fail to respect one another, this results in a strained marriage that is difficult to overcome and the crack enlarges increasingly until, unfortunately, ends in divorce. It is very difficult to trace a relationship after the trust is lost.
Besides the inability to resolve conflicts, all couples have problems and arguments, but many of them do not give closure to the situation and cannot finish even the small talk without aggression. Also, back again and again about things in the past that ends up being another of the most common causes of divorce.
Not to mention that there are other causes of divorce. The lack of communication can lead to divorce. Coexistence, in many cases, undermines communication, daily life, responsibilities, and children. It 's hard to find time to talk in peace and oft...

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...s are divorcing, both will also want to abandon them. No divorce is justifiable when there are children involved, unless there is domestic violence.
Eventually, couples, when give the “yes” do not think that the relationship will come to an end but, on the contrary, all clinging to the much talked about phrase "happily ever after". Unfortunately this is not always the case and often a marriage that ends in divorce looked happy. Divorce causes a river of feelings among those who suffer either pain, anger, anxiety or even relief, but in all cases it is necessary to reroute life and adopt new habits. Having made the decision to divorce must be consistent with its solution, reflect on the past and the reasons that led to this break to avoid possible regret in the future. In moments of weakness is important to think that the relationship ended because it no longer worked

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