Divorce Is Not The Only Option Essay

Divorce Is Not The Only Option Essay

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Divorce is not the only option
Consider this from a perspective of a child going through his/her parent’s divorce, how would that child feel? Well as we know, no child or children wants their parents to separate or even get a divorce. Why? Because either the child or children has a strong bond with both parents or they don’t want to see themselves struggle through the years feeling grieve about their parents’ divorce. Moreover, in the Unites States, almost every first marriage has a high risk for divorce. This is how common is divorce in the United States and factors that lead into divorce. Likewise, as my personal experience going through the transition from my parents’ divorce, it was very hard for me. It changed my life, completely. Even though the common reasons why marriage fell apart and lead to divorce, divorce should not be the only option if marriage is falling apart because it can virtually affect the children during the divorce of the parents and the relationship toward marriage should consist of communication and partnership.
It shows that in the United States how common it can be for divorce and the reasons that lead to it. However, researchers studied that in the U.S. there is an estimated 40-50% for first marriages and 60% for second marriages that have a high risk for divorce. Moreover, there are some factors that associate with high risk on divorce. But it all depends on the people who have a low risk on divorce while others have a high risk. There are many factors in high risk such as young age, less income, premarital cohabitation, and parents divorce. Some of the factors that were listed were some of the reasons why my parents got into divorce, but mostly the reason why I think my parents got divorced was beca...

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...All in all, knowing what causes for parents getting a divorce and the effectiveness of children toward the transition of the parents’ divorce, makes couples think differently of what can be possible if something isn’t going right in the relationship. That’s why there can be multiple options other than divorce to make the marriage last, if you want to make things work for each other. If money is the number 1 problem why marriages fight about, there needs to be more communication and partnership. Therefore, as marriages start to work on money together, it will begin to change in a good way. One of the main goals in marriage should be to “pass a legacy down” to your children and grandchildren (daveramsey.com). For this reason, divorce should not be the only option if marriage is falling apart and more likely marriage should consist of more communication and partnership.

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