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Divorce is becoming extremely common in our society. Fifty percent of marriages will end in divorce, and each year two million children are introduced to their parents being divorced. Analysis predict by the beginning of the next decade a majority of kids under 18 will spend their life in a single parent household. Children are very emotional during this period of time, and are going to try and understand the situation and maybe even blame themselves. The child may have to start a new school, move to a new city, and neighbourhood. They will also have to try and understand new household duties and the new money income, but most importantly they will have to get use to the less emotional support and nurturing from both parents. These are only a few complications with divorce in American culture.
Each child is special, so the short and long term effects after a divorce in a child’s life varies. Wallerstein and Kelly (1980) interviewed divorced parents and the children three times in five years, and they noticed and collected data that concluded that one third of the children of divorced parents come out unaffected, another one third function well, but do experience troubles and the rest of the children; the other one third have bad experiences in their emotional development. Nonetheless, the authors of the “Family in Transition”, enter this research with carefulness because they didn’t compare it to the children of a household with two parents. However, they do note that the overall movement of the functioning of the children. Most of areas covered are mental performance, juvenile delinquency, and offensive behavior. Also, the well-being and the acknowledgment, and the viewpoint of the children.
Most research shows that boys are...

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... that can love them and give them compassion and yes, the parents can get remarried and they can have a step-parent but, none of these loves are the same as the love that can be given from both biological parents.
Divorce itself is necessarily a sour situation, but it’s been proven that children with siblings cope better than an only child; especially when the one parent tries to turn the only child on the other parent in result on trying to hurt the other parent. A once intact family is now torn, and children are in a rough situation on where they don’t know who to love or to love both parents. The children also mourn the divorce which they think will be the end of their family. They no longer think their life is going to be normal and they think it’s very complicated. However, now they worry about the future and wondering if they’re going to have a step-family.

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