Essay about Divorce Is A Nasty Thing

Essay about Divorce Is A Nasty Thing

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“Sealed by a kiss and a pair of eternal rings” (How) is what soime people may think of when talking about marriage, while for others the first word that pops into their head is divorce. The topic of divorce is a nasty thing, it brings bad feelings and thoughts, and can often ruin a person’s day. What most people do not think about though, are the many different ways divorce can affect everyone, not just the spouses. Of course the first people the typical person would think of is the husband and wife as the ones effected by the split, but it touches many more people than that, in a number of ways, such as mutual friends and extended family. The process alone to get divorced can take a very long time and have a huge emotional toll most don’t expect. Not to mention the children, they are the ones who are most affected by the split of the two most important people in their lives. Lives are flipped upside down by a divorce and the outcome can be for the better of for the worse.
Most often people only think of the husband and wife when they hear divorce, but the split effects so many others as well that are within the microsystem, setting in which the individual lives, as stated in the Life-Span textbook by Bronfenbrenner Ecological Theory. Often these individuals don’t receive any attention during the process, though they are still hurting. These people are the friends and extended family of the two who have split. Friends who were mutual friends with the former couple may be “lost altogether” due to feeling “pressured to take sides” (Moutria). They can often feel lost as well because they had once looked up to the former couple seeing their relationship as “the ideal one” they wanted to “model their own after” and suddenly everythin...

... middle of paper ..., while for most others, the first word that comes to mind is divorce. Divorce had hundreds of different effect on everyone involved. It is much more than two people going their separate ways. It is a total lifestyle change. Some don’t know where to begin a life again, others excel by feeling free from the weight of the marriage. Outsiders move on with their lives and occasionally lose friends in the process due to the confusion of taking sides and needing not to be drug down by someone else’s problems. While children are impacted the most, it isn’t always in a harmful way. Where some kids lash out and struggle in school not knowing a better way to react, others grow a thicker skin and learn from their parents mistakes and better their future because of them. Lives are often flipped upside down by a divorce, and the outcome can be for the better or for the worse.

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