Divorce Is A Common Event Within Society Essay

Divorce Is A Common Event Within Society Essay

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Divorce is a common event within society, anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of marriages. For many couples, the direct effect of divorce is clearly a factor within their relationship. Many factors affect the likelihood of divorce. These can include whether or not individual’s parents are separated, age at marriage, parental status, sex of children, education, and non-marital childbearing. Religion and other social groups may have an effect on the likelihood of divorce. For Samantha and Matthew Johnson, the likelihood of divorce was high. Having had a child previous to their marriage at a young age, their likelihood of divorce was already high. Matthew and Samantha’s divorce was the result of many factors which go along with a common understanding of social factors on divorce. Financial concern was the main conflict between Samantha and Matthew, which ultimately led to their divorce. The financial situation was greatly affected by their age and level of education. Still, after several years the effects of divorce has been felt by both Matthew and Samantha as well as their two children.
Samantha and Matthew met at an early age, Matthew was older by a few years. Their first child, a girl, was born several months before marriage. Samantha had dropped out of high school shortly after finding out she was pregnant. Matthew had graduated a few years earlier. Their first child was a daughter. Having no college education nor a certificate in a technical field, conflict within the relationship centered on finances. Financial stress is one of the main factors contributing to divorce. Lack of education and age greatly contributed to Matthew and Samantha’s financial issues. While struggling financially, time spent between Matthew and his daug...

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... support were quickly given to Samantha. This was due to a generally accepted concept within society, that a female is more able to raise children than the male. However, due to stress caused by the new blended family, Samantha’s children made the decision to go live with their biological father. The effects of marriage on the children could be seen within the transition of the stepparents. Both stepparents began with stage one fantasy, with high expectations. However, how the stepparent made the transition between roles greatly impacted the relationship between the stepparent and stepchild. This can be seen with the dramatically different outcomes of each relationship. The success of their stepmother was due to her stability in the role advisor or pal. She did not attempt to become the disciplinarian. This gave them time to transition and establish norms and rules.

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