Divorce Is A Common Choice Essay examples

Divorce Is A Common Choice Essay examples

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The social institution topic that I am going to use for my paper is divorce. I chose to write my paper on divorce because the divorce rate has increased and is a prevalent social institution in our society. Divorce is a common issue that is a controversial topic that has all different opinions about it. Society is influenced by the people around us, that’s why a child with separated parents exhibit a greater chance for psychological struggles because they weren’t able to have both parents around to influence them. Divorce is a component of society that influences the behaviors and choices of the child as well as the parents. Society has an influence on divorce because divorce has become a social norm in our society. Relationships in society now have less commitment than in the past generations. Another issue would be early marriage is a common choice in society today because some relationships that decide they want commitment, tie the knot too soon and end up getting divorced in a year or less. Divorce can affect the family income causing you to have limited family expenses. For example, student support services help support single parents.

Literature Review/Discussion- The first journal article that I am going to discuss that is related to divorce is “Life-Span Adjustment of Children to Their Parents’ Divorce”. This article was written by Paul R. Amato: a Ph.D and professor of sociology at the University of Nebraska. According to Paul R. Amato, he discusses how children have always been faced by the threat of family disruption. In this article, it also discusses the detriments that children face when their Parent’s divorce. According to Paul R. Amato, children of divorced parents have a lower success rate in academics, conduct ...

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...gated and researched the behaviors and decisions that affect the relationship or marriage. I agree with the conclusion that divorce can be a result of past decisions, just like smoking will affect your health in the future. The final article that I used established issues of children and their role in society such as if society didn’t have children, we wouldn’t be able to use sociological theories to predict the future of the next generations. I agree with the conclusion that children are more responsible for themselves after a divorce because they don’t have the presence and structure of a family routine. I agree with all the topics that were presented in the articles I read because it all supported society today, which includes that divorce has become a social norm in society today because individuals find it harder to commit
or stay committed to only one person.

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