Divorce in the State of Missouri

Divorce in the State of Missouri

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What is divorce? Divorce is when a husband and a wife are married and they decide they can not live with each other any longer. The two people that are getting the divorce have to go to the courthouse and sign legal documents to get the divorce. I will be talking about how divorce affects the children, why a husband and wife decide to get a divorce, and also all the types of divorces there are in the world.
Some kids do not want their parents to get divorce because they would feel like they are being left by the parent that is leaving the home. Kids will have mixed feelings about the divorce, especially if they know the parents were not very happy. It is very important to tell children that the divorce is not their fault. When the couple gets a divorce, the mother usually gets the children unless she is unfit to keep the children. The children are sometimes very stressed from the divorce. Divorce can lead to a strained relationship between a child and a parent. Divorce can also cause children to suffer from psychological and behavioral problems. The troubled kids often develop feelings such as anger and disobedience at school and home. The non troubled kids can feel lonely for a long period of time. Some kids become depressed, and anxious. The children have painful memories and worries about how their relationships with their parents will continue.
Some children are affected more by the divorce than others. The change the parents do can make a big difference in the children’s life. The parents can communicate with them and also non-verbal actions to help them after the divorce. The child’s age, sex, psychological health, and maturity are other changes that might affect the children with the divorce. According to many studies, the divorce of parents is like losing a parent to death. The divorce can cause problems in the child’s future relationships. Studies show that female teenagers that experience divorce has lowered their self-esteem, are promiscuous, and have behavior problems. Girls are also more emotional when the dad leaves because they think it is a total rejection of them. This is because girls need a man that cares and protects her.
Some negative effects that divorce can have on children are anger, depression, anxiety, disobedience towards parents or authority people, and decreased academic performances. The positive effects divorce has on children.

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The children do not have to listen or deal with their parents when they argue, which can be verbal assaults between the parents and/or physical and emotional abuse.
Some research has been done to establish if children of divorced parents are more likely to suffer negative short- or long term emotional effects following their parents’ separation. From the ages of three to five, these children are likely to experience confusion, they think that it is their fault their mommy and daddy are getting the divorce. They also have sleep disturbances and fear of separation from one parent. From six to the age of eight these children will open up more to the parent they do not live with. They also have fantasies of their parents getting back together in the future. From the ages twelve to eighteen they are dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts, and sometimes they get a little physical with family and friends or kids they do not get along with at school or work. They tend to focus more of the moral issues on the divorce and will often judge their own parents’ decisions and actions. Some teens become anxious and they fear for their own future relationships.
In the beginning of the divorce, the mother feels disorganized and angry. According to the Child Advocate people, child phenomena are approximately 15% of children interviewed at the ten-year follow up in a 15-year study showed significant effects from taking on the role of holding a custodial parent together. The child often .0becomes responsible for staving off depression and other threats to parents functioning at the cost of their own needs.
10- to 15-year studies show that divorce is not to be considered as stress or crisis in the lives of the young children, but rather it is an event that can have long-term consequences on children, adolescents, and young adults. The long-term outcomes of well-adjusted or poor children draw heavily on the child’s post divorce the quality of life an on the post divorce or remarried parent child relationships. The most frequent negative consequences center around anxieties and fear of the child that she or he will repeat the failed marital or love relationship that the child observed during the divorce. Wallerstein’s “sleeper effect” is an example of the far-reaching effects of one such long-term side effect. Up to 66% of the women between 19 to 23 that were interviewed during the 10 years post divorce had anxiety, fear, guilt, and anger that they had suppressed for many years. These feelings resurfaced while the girl teenagers and little girls are attempting to make major life decisions such as marriage.
Marriage is a contract between adults, and when it ends, the matter is between the adults. However, no parental action ever has a greater impact on the children. Children love their parents and want them to always be with them until the day the child leaves home. Even in great times of stress, parents have a responsibility to conduct their legal affairs in a manner that will protect their children from adult conflicts. When parents decide they do not want to be married any longer, they have to go through court.
The do’s and don’ts of divorce do be responsible and cooperate as much as possible with your-soon-to-be-ex. Always support your children through this divorce process. It is more tough on the children than it is on the parents, and make sure they don’t have to pick sides. Make sure you let you know to tell your spouse where you will be spending time with the kids while you work out permanent custody arrangements. A court can throw out a divorce decree based on financial deception, putting you back in court years after you thought everything was final. Ask your attorney if anything doesn’t make sense. Your attorney works for you, and should help you understand everything. The don’ts do not make big plans to take a job in another state or move out of the country until your divorce is final. Don’t violate any temporary custody or visitation rights you would like. Don’t give away property to friends or relatives and arrange to get it back later. Don’t go alone. Divorce is complicated, and an attorney can make sure that your interests are protected. Some factors of divorce in Missouri are the wishes of the child’s parents as to custody and the proposed parenting plan submitted by both parties. The needs of the child are very frequent. The interaction an interrelationship of the child with parents, siblings, and any other person who may signigicantly affect the child’s best interests. In the state of Missouri, as well as other states, the court will always be looking out for the best interests of the children.

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