Divorce: How Hard should it be to Obtain? Essay

Divorce: How Hard should it be to Obtain? Essay

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Divorce is a word that everyone knows very well, no matter what the age. These days, everyone knows at least one person that has either been in a divorce or whose parents are divorced. Today, about 50% of all marriages end in divorce('No-Fault' Divorce, 2004). Between the time that half of those couples get married and divorced, many of them had children. By 2004, "one in four children lived in single-parent homes"('No-Fault' Divorce, 2004). After the divorce, not only are the adults hurting, but the children are also. Throughout the divorce, the parents are caught up in each other, money, possessions, and their own pain that without even realizing it, their children are hurting too. Adults are becoming more careless and think less about how compatible they are to their partners. Some couples have children shortly after the wedding before they adjust to each other. After their children are born, the real problems start to become more relevant. With new problems surfacing and raising children at the same time, it becomes very difficult and divorce sounds like an answer to the problems.
With the current "no-fault" divorce laws in most states, the couples can obtain a divorce without a reason. No fault divorce allows an adult to apply for a divorce without proving that one of the adults has done wrong, like adultery, desertion, drugs, or abuse. No-fault divorce also allows an adult to divorce him/her without his/her consent. No-fault divorce is allowing the divorce rate to rise, therefore there is a need for a different law. The solution to the increasing rate is covenant marriage. Covenant marriage requires couples to take counseling before the divorce and there has to be a fault in order to divorce. Even though divorce is a very...

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...est with covenant marriage.

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