Essay about Divorce and Remarriage

Essay about Divorce and Remarriage

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According to a survey by one research group, there are more “born again Christians” getting married than any other group. Nevertheless, 26% of those surveyed were “Evangelical Christians,” who indicated that their marriage had ended in divorce. It is unfortunate that today’s culture has “grown comfortable with divorce.” In America, divorce is commonly accepted as well as becoming “a natural part of life.” Moreover, most materials found today on divorce and remarriage are not based on Scripture, but “life experience and opinions.” Unfortunately, getting a divorce is definitely a modern-day tragedy. Nevertheless, as pointed out by many authors, “the concept of divorce is biblical.” Therefore, it is imperative to establish a solid view on divorce and remarriage. Therefore, a correct view is one that is grounded on the Bible, rather than personal opinion.
Unlike salvation, Jesus made it clear in Luke 20:34 that marriage was only during this lifetime. Moreover, Jesus told His followers that after the resurrection, people would not get married or arrange to get married. However, that does not mean Jesus did not hold marriage in a high regard. This is reflected in how Jesus approached current issues during His lifetime regarding divorce and remarriage. Moreover, Paul made it clear that those who get married “will have worldly troubles.” Nevertheless, Christ personally addressed this issue establishing His view of divorce based on the Scriptures.
Jesus teaching on divorce was not favorable to the Pharisees. They were eager to confound Jesus, by asking Him if it was “lawful” for a man to divorce his wife “for any cause?” Jesus replied by quoting from Genesis 2:24, which emphasizes the onene...

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