Divorce And Remarriage For Adultery Or Desertion Essay

Divorce And Remarriage For Adultery Or Desertion Essay

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Divorce and Remarriage for Adultery or Desertion

The position of “divorce and remarriage in the case of adultery or desertion” is defended by Thomas Edgar, who makes his points concerning his position by addressing some of the major scriptural misconceptions. Edgar states that this view is the position most naturally derived from Scripture if there is no presupposed sacramental view of marriage and if we only discuss the Scriptural instances of marriage and divorce. Edgar states that he believes concerning God’s design for marriage to be “The Bible specifically states that God intended for marriage to be maintained”. He argues that we cannot even approach the subject of marriage and divorce with an assumption or even look upon them as if it is more upright to be against divorce.
Edgar gleans the biblical support for his viewpoint from the books of Genesis, Deuteronomy Malachi, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Romans, and 1 Corinthians. From all the books he extracts one of the key conclusions to this position, that four of these books allow divorce in some form, while the rest never clearly disallowed divorce. This conclusion establishes Edgars premises to began to expound upon his view of the most common misconception concerning divorce and remarriage.
Edgar believes that the two most common misconceptions that are often addressed or assumed in light of discussing the subject of divorce and remarriage are “the bible clearly allows no divorce”, and “marriage is unbreakable or indissoluble”. His argument for his position on marriage is based revealing the fallacies of these misconceptions which in turn provides some validity for the divorce and remarriage under certain circumstances view. In response to the first misconception Ed...

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...now enough of the true on these specific areas. I can only speak from my perspective which is tainted with my own ignorance and human experience which truly disqualifies me from assuming anything but yet seeking everything because it is such a crucial matter. Divorce is a very painful and destructive event that I myself have not had to endure, but to speak on it outside of the context of God’s deep love and willingness to for for his people be redeemed is something I cannot participate in. Divorce and remarriage is a part of our society because of sin, which has separated people from God all through the history of man so of course I believe it has separate people from marital relationship that God designed. In conclusion I do not complete agree with any of these Christian viewpoints because none of them have been demonstrate to be pure and clear will of God.

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