Essay on Divorce And Its Effect On Society

Essay on Divorce And Its Effect On Society

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Throughout the years, the idea of divorce has substantially changed in people’s minds. Early on, it was considered only acceptable for a man to declare a divorce, and as the times passed, divorce was then allowed for both sexes equally, but it was still looked down on societally as a whole. Now, in current times, divorce is almost equivalent to going out to run errands on a normal weekday; it’s considered obsolete for a marriage to last until the well-known “death do us part” vow that majority of married couples will promise to one another. Due to this new outlook on divorce, researchers are finding that more and more children are being affected by their parents’ choices to divorce, and it’s affecting them far into adulthood. Despite being a drastic and life changing event that may affect all members of the family, divorce is still considered common in today’s society, which can have a long-term negative impact on both the psychological and academic qualities of the child.
Before reconnoitering the effects of divorce on children, we must first look at why the idea of divorce is so commonly accepted by society. In today’s world, divorce is a normative event, affecting approximately half of all marriages in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau, 2004). Estimating the causal effects of divorces and separations is among the most difficult relationships to measure in the social sciences, because, to the dismay of many researchers, marital disruptions cannot be randomized. Still, there have been many attempts at identifying the causal effects of a marital disruption, and there are indications that marriage has gradually become more individualized. Spouses tend, more than previously, to stay in their marriages only as long as it does not...

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...dren and adolescents also experience pain and anger, but have the developmental maturity to understand the reasons for divorce, and can resolve certain conflicts. Children may be faced with angry, unstable and vulnerable parents when they need stability and parental strength in their changing and often chaotic life situation. The process is circular since a vulnerable parent combined with a distressed, demanding, noncompliant child may have difficulty giving each other support or solace. Observations suggest that immediately following divorce some mothers become overly permissive and emotionally dependent on their children because of guilt, depression, and the absence of a supportive partner (CITE). This may occur at a time when children, particularly preadolescent children, need consistency, parental guidance and support in order to protect their sense of security.

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