Divorce And Its Effect On Family Essay

Divorce And Its Effect On Family Essay

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Divorce is and has become a major issue in our society, the reason for that has been attributed to the drastic increase in divorce rates over the years. Divorce often disrupts the flow of the family structure, increases discord, and affects how family issues are handled. Families dealing with divorce are often times in a state of complete confusion and disorder, and filled with frustration, anger, and pain. Power struggles between spouses, which often times spread to the children if there any increase as the addiction worsens. There is a growing concernment among those in different fields like Social Work, Academia, and Mental Health in the United States, other countries, who have taken an interest in how divorce is readjusting and restructuring the family dynamic. This research paper will investigate how divorce as a whole within the family system with a determinate of whether or not families can be fixed after being subjected to divorce and the traumatic events that are often accompanied as a result. It is important to note that families have suffered major damage while experiencing a major interruption and division of relationships and family values. Trustworthiness and ethical concerns appears to have affected the unity and wholeness of the family system. Families who have experienced divorce should be aware that it not affects the two individuals involved, but there is a significant amount of impact on children who are caught in the middle of a divorce as well. While it is important to focus on the individuals who are having the issues that lead to divorce, this paper will examine how the family therapy approach helps all members of the family deal with divorce.
Divorce and Children
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...he family. Family therapy in these cases allows for repair of long-standing interactional patterns in which divorce is just one of a series of ongoing transactions that are disruptive to the child’s development (Kaplan, 1977, p.75). The structural family therapist often has the family play out these family interactions via enactments so that he can get a firsthand look at maladaptive patterns, roles, and structural inconsistencies. As Nichols (2013) states, Once families begin to interact, problematic transactions emerge (p.134). Structural therapists place emphasis on the use of enactments because it allows the therapist implement interventions that will alter interactions, which leads to structural changes within the family. What makes structural family therapy unique is the use of enactments to reveal structural patterns, and later change them (Nichols, 2013).

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