Divorce And Its Affection Essay

Divorce And Its Affection Essay

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Divorce and its affection
Most of us, at least one time in our life, have experience with the term "divorce", even if it is your experience or someone else. Do you ever think, ask, or carefully listen and feel what they feel when they go through those time? I could bravely answer that question as a person who go through all of those hard time because of my closest friend. At what I am understanding, the term "divorce" mean to me as a change which will limit or stop two people from having responsible to each other life and free their life from a cage called "marriage". My friend, she is just like a beauty little bird, which got released from the cage to go back to her life, yes it free, but it hard to live at first when she is back from a long time of fettering. Because of her and her partner divorcement, she now has to deal with its overall affection, as well as its affection to individual person in her marriage.

I think one of the main reason which cause divorcement is it is now in everywhere around us. And because it is too normal to people life, so we will not put any serious eye or attention on it, and it star to spread out with no control over it. To support it, the article “The Making of the Divorce Culture” by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead had stated that “It is embedded in our laws and institutions, our manners and mores, our movies and television shows, our novels and children 's storybooks, and our closest and most important relationships.” Also in modern society, people are, more than ever, expressing their wishes, thoughts and their personality. Along with it is they respect their ego more rather than family happiness which will more easier to develop the conflict in family life and cause the divorcement. That also what is ...

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...receive more care because of their parent guilt and the wish to offset for their children 's loss.
In my opinion to what the cause and affection from the divorcement, I think the fault which cause to divorce is the responsibilities on both people in a marriage, and whether how they come up with their decision they still have to deal with all of its affect. Divorce are now a common thing in modern people 's eye and our society, and the necessary of divorcement have to take place for an unhappy relationship are happen more and more around people life. Also the affection of it do not consider at bad thing when you go through it with time. So, with all the information showed above, we can see that divorce is not having any long-term affection to people life, but through it, people get their chance to improve and maybe recreate their family with more experience and brave.

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