Divorce And Divorce Rate Throughout America Essay

Divorce And Divorce Rate Throughout America Essay

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Children with married parents tend to take their parents civil life for granted. Children throughout the world have parents who were never married, or are divorced. The divorce rate throughout America in 2012 was at 50 percent (“Divorce Statistics and Divorce Rates in the USA”).Parents may divorce for a number of reasons, ranging from affairs to just being unhappy. Although parents may think they are benefitting their child by divorcing, what they may not know is that they may be damaging them. Parents need to reconsider getting a divorce for the benefit of their children, as demonstrated by my childhood.
Divorces happen when a married couple decides their marriage is no longer working out. Many parents who have children and get divorced unknowingly can lose trust with their children (Pickhardt). Children depend on their parents to support them, emotionally, financially and any other way possible. When parents separate from each other, it breaks the family apart. The life of the children as they knew it will never be the same. In some instances, parents will divorce without atte...

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