Divorce After World War II Essay

Divorce After World War II Essay

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Divorce Hurts Children Too
“Half of all American children will witness the breakup of a parent 's marriage, and of these, close to half will also see the breakup of a parent 's second marriage” (Bilotta). Recent years have witnessed major increases in divorce rates and a more relaxed attitude towards the topic. These rates have fluctuated during various periods of time. The rates rising after World War II, and then dropping dramatically, before climbing back up from the 1960s to the 1980s. Divorce is a major problem in the United States affecting every individual it comes in contact with, but this was not how it always was. Divorce has gone through an evolution of change, influencing the emotional, mental, and social stability of children, yet parents continue to engage in the consequential act.
Divorce is the act of legally dissolving one 's marriage with the help of the court or another competent individual. Divorce was never as evident in the past as it is today. From the year 1787 until 1966, when the Divorce Reform Law was passed, adultery was the only grounds sufficient enough to reap a divorce (Woo, 2010). Unhappy couples had pushed through their significant others fleeing, physical abuse, and doubts that the person they married was of the opposite sex. None of these issues constituting the right for the couples to divorce. Some of those who were not happy with their marriage, resulted to purposely putting themselves in adulterous situations. Others that had acquired great wealth went out of their state of residence to divorce. They would go to “places like Indiana in the 1800s, Nevada in the 1900s, or Mexico in the 1960s” (Woo, 2010). Marilyn Monroe was one who partook in one of these quick and easy divorce actions. She...

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...cquaintances, and sometimes their spouses. One loses their sense of self when constantly wanting what they do not have and never being happy with what they do have. Most times one is unhappy during a divorce, predicting that they will be happy after the divorce. This is not always true, for they do not recognize the consequences of the great action, granting that parents are not satisfied until they are unsatisfied. With a divorce comes a waste of a great amount of time, thousands of dollars, tears, depression, changing environments, a new
found loneliness, and children being given the short end of the stick. While parents do suffer during a divorce, their consequences do not compare to the lasting ones procured upon the children. Divorce has influenced children from the beginning of time, and it will continue to leave its footprint on their lives for years to come.

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