Essay on Divorce : A Social Class, Race, And Age

Essay on Divorce : A Social Class, Race, And Age

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There are many factors that contribute to divorce such as social class, race, and age. In low socioeconomic two-parent families, the likelihood of divorce is greater than in middle and upper class families. Financial issues and low income overall increases the chances of married couples to divorce. Also, wives who earn higher income than their husbands are more likely to divorce because they feel a greater sense of independence. In the United States, close to one-third of individuals will marry and divorce before looking at remarriage as an option (Cherlin). The divorce rates among white couples are higher than black couples because the place of marriage is less within black families.
Divorce differs among husbands and wives. Men gain more than women post-divorced. Because majority of men were the primary breadwinners in the household, divorced men are more financially stable, taking “their” money with them. Along with financial gain, divorced men also get back their personal freedom, being able to venture out and explore the world again as a single man. There are negative life changes divorced men do face as well such as seeing their children less frequently, being put on child support and an increase in personal isolation because their companion is no longer around. Also, divorced men experience poorer health, leading to a higher death rate due to factors such as overweight gain and depression. With divorced women, they have to also identify as single again. Their renewed status of no longer being a wife in society is more embarrassing to them than it is to men. With children, divorced women are more likely to continue taking on all childcare duties by becoming the sole primary caregiver. On top of that, divorced women also ha...

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... breadwinner for his family. Because of the stress they endure from losing their jobs, these men do become more violent towards their family. Employed men working in high stressed jobs are also more likely to become violent. Occupations such as police and military usually hire men with aggressive personalities. These men use their dominant power to abuse their family, including their children. In the family history, perpetrators who were former victims of abuse as a child are more likely to become the abuser in their own family.
The family privacy dynamic prevents many victims from speaking up and wanting to leave the violent environment. The power system in heterosexual families is unfair. Many victims, predominantly women, stay for reasons including family beliefs, financial reasons, believing their abuser will change, they love their abuser, and for the children.

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