Essay on The Division of Juvenile Justice Services

Essay on The Division of Juvenile Justice Services

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The Division of Juvenile Justice Services is a statewide agency that serves at-risk youth in the State of Utah. The vision and mission of the Division of Juvenile Justice Services to provide youth the best opportunity to realize their potential and improve their competence allowing them to be law-abiding and productive citizens. The Division of Juvenile Justice Services provides comprehensive services for at-risk youth within the framework of the Balanced and Restorative Justice Model. The Balanced and Restorative Justice Model is a philosophy of correctional care that emphasizes three equally important principles including accountability, competency development, and community protection. Accountability is when a juvenile offender must take responsibility for their actions and payback the victim’s loss. Competency development occurs when a juvenile participates in rehabilitation. This could include career development and educational studies that will make the youth a more productive citizen. The community has a right to a safe neighborhood and to be protected from youth offenders. This occurs when a youth offender is detained for either a short or long-term sentence depending on their nature of the juvenile's offense. Youth also have a right to be safe within the custody of Juvenile Justice Services.
There are many programs and services administer by the Division of Juvenile Justice Services. Some of the more important programs are the locked detention center and the receiving center. The locked detention center provides short-term confinement for delinquent youth awaiting placement, adjudication, or serving a sentence for a minor offense ordered by a Juvenile Court Judge. Other delinquent youth may be servin...

... middle of paper ... in need. More than $320 million in grants were awarded in fiscal year 2009. The Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Program is provided to states to promote greater accountability in the juvenile justice system. This grant money may avoid the budget cuts on Utah’s Division of Juvenile Justice Services.


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