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The Division Of Behavioral Health Essay

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Today, 1 in 5 Americans have a mental health condition. Recovery is possible but one out of five adults with mental illness are not able to get the care they need (Nguyen, Davis, Counts, & Fritze, 2016). In Nebraska, 52.60% of adults are left without any treatment for their mental illness, ranking the state 14th out of the 50 states ranked in that area (Nguyen, Davis, Counts, & Fritze, 2016). Nebraska ranks in the lower half of the states, at number 30, for adults with mental illness who are uninsured, which is an estimated 45,000 adults (Nguyen, Davis, Counts, & Fritze, 2016). While Nebraskans work to provide mental health services and to promote recovery, the number of people with serious mental illness reminds us of the lack of care available.
Th Division of Behavioral Health (BDH) in Nebraska’s health system provides leadership to the administration, coordination, and the integration of behavioral health systems to the state (Nebraska Division of Behavioral health, 2011). This heirarchy of responsibilities was developed during the implementation of the national heatlhcare reforms and mental health parity laws making quick adaption to changes in process necessary. The DBH guided the person-centered and self-directed care system the state currently has in place. This system is centered around the person and their networks of support while the DHB collaborates between the person and their provider. The system was placed in hopes of emphasizing individualization, respect, hope, and personal responsibility to assist with the persons recovery process (Nebraska Division of Behavioral health, 2011). The DHB has devised a strategic plan to implement what they feel are key resources for people diagnosed with a serious mental ...

... middle of paper ... specialized clinical services targeted toward individuals in the early diagnostic stages of SMI. Early intervention and prevention is effective in reducing both the clinical and economic burden associated with these illnesses. Unfortunately, many of the states in the United States, like Nebraska, have lagged behind in the delivery of specialized, multi-component care to individuals in the early treatment phases. A key factor contributing to this lag is the limited available data demonstrating the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of early intervention. Engaging communities in early intervention, prevention, and making shared incentives to pay for these services through state directed avenues, tremendous changes could occur in our communities and most importantly, in the lives of people with serious mental illnesses (Nguyen, Davis, Counts, & Fritze, 2016)

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