The Divided Self And Mental Health And The Stigma Around It

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The Divided self was a book written in attempt for ordinary people like ourselves to understand the issues regarding mental health and the stigma around it. The book is separated into three parts. Laing expresses the fact that psychosis is not a medical condition but there is a self-divide between two personalities. Laing also states that how we exist in the world is based on the perceptions of others. Laing opens up the first part of the book discussing the term ‘schizoid’ a common term known for having different personality types due to emotional habits. Laing expresses that ‘schizoid’; refers to an individual who is split in two ways, firstly being a relationship with the world and second a disruption of his relations with himself and tend to experience themselves in complete aloneness. One of the main reasons for this book is to educate individuals based around the fact that ‘mad things said and done by the schizophrenic will remain essentially a closed book if one does not understand their existential context.’ (Laing.pg17). Merely stating that understanding the behavior of a schizophrenic is a vital. Laing also voices how vocabulary is a vital factor when communicating with his patients. As he believes specific psychiatry words can cause a distance between them as, words can primarily disengage patients as words or psychiatry and psycho-analysis fails to express what one really means. Meaning that patients should not be labeled and made to appear as if they were an object, this can be done when psychiatric words are use which also can lead to isolation. Patients tend to be split into different mental parts, occasionally known as the ego, the superego and the Id. It is best to look at the patients are a whole rather than... ... middle of paper ... ...ed patient’s specific symptoms and the importance of an active patient and to ensure that there is engagement. I believe that this book helped cover many different areas and gave a positive light on schizophrenia. He made an intense and difficult topic such as schizophrenia enjoyable and enlightening to read. He has helped with modern day psychiatry and had placed important values within the psychiatric field. One main criticism of Laing is that he underlines the fact schizophrenia is a disease and is something is caused from being vulnerable and extremely stressed for example those whose are insecure with their unstable false self. consequently, I feel as though he was steering more towards the sociological explanation for madness. This making it easier and a more realistic approach. Furthermore, then stated that madness was a social construction. To conclude,
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